Meet Ryan Chyzy with ClearPoint Realty

Ryan Chyzy is a Real Estate Broker in Edmond, Oklahoma.  He has written over 200 contracts and helped hundreds of families achieve their goals. As the Owner/Broker of ClearPoint Realty, Ryan has been blessed with an amazing team of people to help facilitate a streamlined transaction.

He believes that the power of a team is far more significant than the mind and expertise of one person. Ryan’s family of four consists of Brooke, his wife of many years and true partner in life, and his two daughters, Tatum and Kennedy.

Ryan always has and always will put his family above any other part of his life. Ryan knows that God is first, then family, and the rest falls in place. Ryan decided to start a career in Real Estate to help people in all aspects of their life, not only real estate.  A good name is more important than any amount of money.  Just ask Ryan to share his story with you and he will be honored to do so!

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